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   express the cycles that take place in our body. All people have biorhythms and are affected by them. Each cycle starts on the day of birth and repeats itself all the time. We follow three cycles of biorhythms: physical, emotional, and mental.

Physical cycle
   The shortest is a physical cycle that repeats after 23 days and affects our physical well-being. It controls our strength, vitality, initiative, self-confidence, energy, aggressiveness and courage.

Emotional cycle
   The emotional cycle is 28 days. It determines our moods, optimism, cheerfulness, cooperativity, creativity, well-being and sensitivity.

Intellectual cycle
   The longest is an intellectual cycle that lasts 33 days. It affects our intellect, perception, sharpness, judgment and decision-making.

   Each cycle has two phases. Rising (positive) and second decreasing (negative). When switching from a positive to a negative phase, it's so-called critical day, when the negative effect is most pronounced. If there are two or three critical days, the effect is cumulative.

During the rising phase of the physical cycle, we are chilly, energetic and energetic. Conversely, in the downward phase of the physical cycle we feel a lack of vitality and fatigue.

The rising phase of the emotional cycle brings good mood and well-being. The falling phase of the emotional cycle often means a non-touching, hypersensitive and moody temperament.

In the rising phase of the intellectual cycle, we usually make the right choices and are characterized by above-average intellectual abilities. The downward phase of the mental cycle brings a higher probability of error.
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